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Brad Lewis

Brad Lewis

Brad grew up in the Shelby area and served in the Navy in World War II. He was married in Ashland in 1941 to Dorothy Scott. Five children were born of this marriage: Barbara Kissel, Jean Barker, Judy Hartker, Beth Reale, and William Lewis. Brad and his wife presently live in Mansfield as the children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Brad has been in the bowling business since he was released from the Navy in 1945, operating 14 lanes on Main Street (8 over and 6 under the liquor store). He gained his top form as a bowler in 1953, winning the eliminations as Ohio’s representative to the National Match Game championships in Chicago averaging 200 for 32 games. He competed against 162 of the best bowlers in the nation.

The following year he won the All-Events in Seattle, Washington at the American Bowling Congress with a 1985 score, averaging over 220 in the nine game route. His score was 40 pins over the second place finisher and several thousand bowlers participated. That year he was chosen as honorable mention on the ABC All-American Team, also being appointed for years on the Brunswick Advisory Staff.

Also in 1954, Luray Lanes was built by the company he served as president, Ashland Bowling Center, until the present. Two years later, the company built Village Lanes in Mansfield with the assistance of the A.M.F. Mfg. Co. in Shelby. It became the showplace for lanes and pin-spotters built by A.M.F. This house was sold and the company the built Park Lanes in Mansfield in 1959, starting with 32 lanes and later expanding to 50 lanes in 1963.

Brad’s bowling career as a contestant ended that year when he was injured in an accident at the lanes. He stays active in the business as President and General Manager of the Company.

Nominator: Ross Siverling

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