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Earl Weikel

Earl Weikel

Earl Weikel’s philosophy on athletics is that it provides a fine avenue of identification for the high school student and that coaches are a good group of people who fit into an effective educational system. Earl should know because he has had a bona fide involvement with high school athletics for forty years.

From a one-room schoolhouse, Weikel went on to graduate from Wooster High School in 1925 and Kent State University in 1930. Although he worked on the “squad” at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company he accepted a position and went to Braceville High School where he taught commercial and individual arts subjects.

In 1934, he became the superintendent of the Braceville Schools and served in that capacity until 1947. While at Braceville he started his long and outstanding affiliation of the Ohio High School Athletic Association serving on the Northeast District Athletic Board. Weikel joined the District Board in 1937 and through his efforts, many of the policies that govern Ohio high school athletics were formulated.

Moving to Jeromesville as the superintendent of schools in 1947, Weikel continued his work with youth as a District Board member. He was active in many of the district championships in this area and continually worked for the improvement and development of high school athletic competition.

In 1960 Earl became superintendent of the Ashland County Schools a position he held until his retirement in 1973. He joined the State Board of Control of the OHSAA in 1964 and played an active role in that organization until 1976. Again he was instrumental in shaping into the fine state athletic programs, which Ohio has today.

In serving youth, Weikel was the driving force behind the establishment of the Joint Vocational Board of Education and the building of the vocational high school. Many have pointed out that without Earl Weikel there would be no vocational school.

Ever the public servant Weikel has been a councilman, active in the church and was president of the North Central Ohio Teachers’ Association. Those in public service should follow in his footsteps.

Nominator: Moreland House, Jim McKinley, & George Krino

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