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Jennifer Hendershott- KinnJennifer Hendershott- Kinn

Jennifer Hendershott- Kinn, born and raised in Ashland, Ohio. Attended and graduated from Ashland High School. Family life for me was incredible. My parents were hardworking, giving, kind, and very loving. Both of my parents are just extraordinary individuals. I was blessed to have two step parents that also were amazing and loving people. I had 4 brothers, Jeff, Joe, John and Justin who all love me in their own special way. They taught me how to play sports at a very young age including football, basketball, and more. They just treated me like one of the boys which helped me later in life. They were all very nice to me and very competitive at the same time.

My first memory of any sports is probably my mom putting me into dance lessons as age 2. I remember the dance recitals, with all the make up, hair, and costumes. I would then go home after dance lessons and play football and basketball with my brothers. I grew up in a very active, loving, and busy family.

My inspiration has always been my family. My parents, brothers, and nieces and nephews and their children. I feel like they are always watching me and looking up to me. Even at a young age I felt like my family put me on a pedestal and pushed me to be my best which lead me to doing the best I could to make them proud. I strive every day to represent the Hendershott by being a loving, honest, kind and giving person.

I started dancing at age 2 and danced with Opus of Ashland in my later years. I studied ballet, tap, and Jazz. In my middle school and High School years I ran track and field and was a cheerleader for the Ashland Arrows. I had amazing leaders like Debbie Delaney, Paul Dienstberger, and Ron Whitehill who both pushed me and believed in me no matter what I did.

I graduated from Ashland High School in 1991, Attended Wright State University after High School, then transferred to the Ohio State University, where I graduated with a bachelors Degree of Science in Education in 1997. I then attending a 2 year program and completed it in 1999 at Ashland University with a bachelors Plus degree in Elementary Education K-8.

At Ashland High School I help lead our team to being Cheerleading Champions 1989-1991, I won the first ever-Best Individual Cheerleader award out of 54 girls in the state of Ohio 1991 for Ashland High School. My love for gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading lead me to years of cheering and dance in college-I add the following to my resume. A Wright State University Varsity Cheerleader 1991-1993, A Former Ohio State University Varsity Cheerleader 1994-1995 and a Former Ohio State University Dance Team Member 1995-1997. I danced for the Ohio State University dance team at the ESPN Nationals for 2 years which was one of the best experiences of my life at that time.
I have always loved being active, which lead me into my later career and my love for fitness. After graduating, and with no more cheer or dance team, I was introduced into lifting weights and cardio training around age of 25. This idea of competing in fitness where I could use my years of dance, gymnastics, and leadership skills lead me to become one of best fitness champions in the world. These accomplishments lead me to creating several small businesses in the health and fitness industry and I soon developed a love for entrepreneurship.

In the fitness industry I was most known for my inventive and highly energetic and difficult gymnastic routines as well as running a motivational fitness camp for women to inspire them to love themselves, love to exercise and focus on their overall health. My highest achievements have been winning Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2005 Fitness International and The 2005 Fitness Olympia events followed by wins at the 2008 Fitness Olympia and the 2009 Fitness International to cap off my career in competitions.

My list of accomplishments are as follows. Founder and Creator of Get PHAT Online and a company called PHAT Camp where I traveled the world and motivated and educated thousands of women in health and wellness. I won the Fitness Olympia twice and the Fitness International twice. I placed Top 5 every year over a course of 13 years, which placed me as the #1 Fitness Athlete in the World for 6 of those years. I was Athlete of year in my industry in 2008, Committee chairman for the Arnold Classic, I have written and published a book The Curvelle Lifestyle, in 2008 won the Living Beautiful award, I have certifications in nutrition and ISSA personal training. and am the ONLY woman in the state of OHIO to win a Fitness International Title at The Arnold Schwartzenegger Classic to this day in 2020. I retired in 2009 after winning my last world title.

After many years of competing, we moved several times. Currently we are spending winters in Florida and summers in Ohio with our families. I have continued to mentor women and men to live a long and healthy life through various avenues as health and fitness will always be a part of my life.

Currently , with the help of my husband Brian, I operate a non profit organization called Carolina Coastal Community, where we help families, businesses and communities in need of relief and recovery after hurricanes. We have been blessed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help families in need internationally and locally.
I also continue to work out daily, advise freely to others to help with their health and wellness and use my energy and time to help anyone who needs a shoulder, a hand, or a hug. I believe in the theory life is short and we must live each day like its our last. I would like to Thank everyone who has stood by my side during the good and bad times. A champion is not built on its own but by the team it has behind them.

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