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Thomas H. Mowery
Thomas H Mowery

Tom was born on April 19, 1926 in Loudonville, the son of Charles and Helen Mowery. 

At Loudonville High School he lettered in basketball and football. While at Loudonville he led the Buckeye Central League and Loudonville High School in scoring his sophomore year with 114 points for an average of 14.25 points per game for their eight league games. He had the most points scored by a sophomore (34 in one game) in the Buckeye Central League and also in Loudonville High School. He was named to the All Sectional First Team as a sophomore and junior. He also led the Buckeye Central League and Loudonville High School in scoring his junior year with 154 points. During his two years playing Varsity Football their records were seven wins and one loss. He played Basketball from 1942-43 and Football from 1942-43. 

Tom was drafted in 1944 to serve in World War II and was unable to play ball his senior year in high school. He served as Staff Sergeant in the 160th Infantry 40th Division. He served in the Asiatic Pacific Theater of operations (Philippines) until the war ended. 

Tom has always been very interested in sports and very athletic. Tom enjoyed baseball immensely and because of his talent he was offered a tryout with the New York Giants but he was unable to attend since he was drafted. 

After his Honorable Discharge, he returned home and played basketball from 1947-1952 for the Flxible Clippers. This was a league formed by area industries in Ashland County. While a Clipper he started a fundraiser for the Athletic Boosters called “Donkey Basketball.” You could only make a basket if seated on a donkey and all proceeds went to the Athletic Boosters. 

Tom married Marilyn McCready in 1956 and had four sons, Tom, Tim, Tyler, and Tony. He was hired at Flxible Company on February 2, 1947. He worked in the receiving department, funeral car production line, and was supervisor for the parts and service department for 24 years. He also served an elected position as Hanover Township Trustee for 24 tears. He operates his Dad’s cider press since 1960 at his residence and continues to do so to this day. 

He has been a member of the Loudonville Athletic Boosters since 1946. Tom coached American Jr. League Baseball for many years. He also coached the fifth and sixth grade Loudonville Program from 1969-1975 during the time his four sons played. He bough gym bags for all the participants so they could carry their clothes to and from the gym. 

In 1973, Tom built a full court outdoor basketball facility (lights and all) for the community where a lot of ball was played. One coach from Loudonville stated, “The basketball played at the Mowery’s was the best I’d ever seen.” He was a major supporter in football and basketball from1972-1982. He was a major contributor to Loudonville basketball in 2002 by helping to purchase “The Gun Rebounder” for the practice gym. 

Tom is also a member of the Loudonville Methodist Church, American Legion, and the Fraternal Order of Eagles. He retired from the Flxible Company after 42 years of service and also retired as a Hanover Township Trustee in Ashland County after 24 years of service. He has six grandchildren and avidly follows their interests in sports. 

Nominator: Tyler Mowery

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