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Tim Glasser

Timothy G. Glasser

Tim was born September 30, 1958, in Marietta, Ohio. His family relocated back to Ashland in 1961, which was the hometown of Tim’s parents, George and Janet. Tim started kindergarten at Montgomery Elementary in the Fall of 1963 and attended Montgomery through 5th grade. After moving to another area in Ashland, Tim spent 6th grade at Taft Elementary. Grades 7 through 9 were spent at Ashland Junior High School. Tim graduated in 1976 from Ashland High School.

As a child and adolescent, Tim participated in a number of sports. During preteen and early teen years, Tim was involved with organized youth baseball in Ashland. He also played football in7th and 8th grade at the Junior High. Tim began swimming at the Ashland YMCA initially with lessons and then joined the Y Swim Team at age 8. The YMCA program was an important part of his swimming through the 9th grade – the last few years spent swimming with Coach Bob Henikman. During his high school years, swimming with Coach Bob Nusbaum, Tim was Cardinal Conference Champion each year. Practicing at the Ashland College natatorium, he greatly benefited from interactions with Coach Sandy Wilson and his Ashland University swimmers. Tim also qualified for the Ohio State Swim Meet in his junior and senior years and was a State finalist in 1976 in the 100-yard butterfly with a school record that still stands.

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