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Paul "Spitz" GanyardPaul "Spitz" Ganyard

For the first dozen years of Ashland High School athletics Paul “Spitz” Ganyard was the star name in every sport. He played on the first four football & basketball teams 1907-1911. In football he was captain of the first undefeated team (1909) and leading rusher on the proclaimed State champs (1910) He was a 4-year starter in basketball, plus in 1909 he starred for the high school, the YMCA, and the undefeated Ashland Y-team in the Central Ohio league. He was the AHS captain in 1910-11. In the Field Days (track) he was the top sprinter. He was the class President his senior year (1911).

After high school he played baseball in the Ashland City league and for independent teams. He was an assistant at the YMCA, a referee for the high school games, and an assistant coach for AHS. In 1914 he completed the football season when head coach A. J. Allen contracted typhoid fever. In 1917 he became the head coach in football and basketball for AHS for two years. He had a winning record in both sports: football 5-3-1 and 2-2-1 and basketball 3-6 and 11-3. His 1918-19 team had the best record in the first 12 years of AHS basketball. In 1917 his football team beat the vaunted Mansfield High for the first time 7-6. A multi-sports star Spitz Ganyard’s name was at the top of list of City League bowlers into the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

His business The Toggery was a downtown ticket outlet for the high school games for years. He had a Times-Gazette ad the “EX-HIGH’S CORNER” to promote Ashland sports and feature local athletes.

Throughout most of the 20th Century Spitz was the earliest renowned name in Ashland High School sports history. Bob Lavengood, who wrote a first 50-year history of AHS sports (1959 T-G), said, “that the sports people he interviewed felt that Spitz Ganyard was the first genuine athlete in AHS history, and in his opinion Spitz definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.”

Bob, also, added, “He was well-liked and admired by everyone.”
The earliest Ashland High School HOF inductees were Eddie Wells and Nip McHose, who played in 1919. It is noteworthy that Spitz coached both these players in high school. Paul Ganyard is the only pre-1918 AHS athlete in the Ashland County Sports HOF.
Paul “Spitz” Ganyard was born May 10, 1893, the son of Franklin and Rose (Bricker) Ganyard. He was married to Mabel McDowell, who passed away in 1947. They had one son, Bricker M, who was a naval hero; and he died in Concord, Calif in 1992. Paul had two brothers: Herb K of Ashland and Donald E. of Denver, Colorado. Spitz passed away on March 31, 1972. A great-granddaughter (Mrs. Philip) Jen Mango lives in Frisco, Texas.

He was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church and the Elks. Pastor Robert Kinsey did the funeral service.

Nominated by Paul Dienstberger

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