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Richard Dick Riley

Richard “Dick” Riley Jr.

Richard “Dick” Riley Jr. was born in Fostoria, Ohio to parents of Rip and Jean Riley on May 3, 1953. He attended Osborne Elementary School and graduated from Ashland Senior High School in 1971.
In 1964 Dick moved to Ashland when his Dad, the legendary “Rip Riley” was offered a job at the Faultess Rubber Company. Because of the stellar reputation of his infamous father Dick felt the pressure to become a softball pitcher. Dick’s father ended his career with over 2,000 pitching victories and 203 no hitters, and averaged seventeen strikeouts a game.
Dick began his softball career at the age of 12 playing in the Ashland City Softball League through the YMCA, and by the age of 15, he was pitching in the Church League for the Methodist softball team.
At the age of 16 Dick was playing in the Ashland County League softball league with the adults for the Red Barn team under Carl Strine and then went on to play for Creative Cartoons under Tubo Williams.
At the age of 18 Dick entered into the Air Force and played four years with the traveling team. Upon discharge from the Air Force Dick began to play for the Faultless Rubber softball team where his Dad had played.
Dick was not only known in Ashland and across the state of Ohio but was also known nationally as one of the great versatile players in the nation, as he not only was a great pitcher but an outstanding outfielder and was well known as one of the great power hitters in the game. Many times in tournaments Dick would pitch one game and play outfield in the next. He had a reputation as being a “Giant” beater when it came to pitching and ended up with over three-hundred pitching victories in his career. The greater the teams the more success Dick had. He had a consecutive record of beating the Midland Explorer nine straight times and beat nine–time world champions Seattle Peterbilt in the 1982 ASA National tournament throwing a three-hitter and getting two hits himself in the win.
Dick was the Most Valuable Player in the State of Ohio in the ASA on five different occasions and three times in the Ohio ISC, and was also named to three All-Regional All-Star teams. He played in the ten national and world tournaments.
Dick was well known as “Ratchet” as you could hear him twisting and ratcheting the bat in his hands while up to bat. He had a fearsome swing and he recorded over 300 home runs in his career and averaged over one-hundred RBI’s per season
He was named to the All-World Team on three different occasions in 1981, 1988, 1990. Dick was handpicked from the State of Ohio in 1984 and 1990 for the Pan American Softball Tryouts held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Colorado, and also played in the 1983 National Sports Festival. In his last year of playing he went out on top at the World Tournament where he pitched a no-hitter and hit two home runs in his last game, before retiring from the game.
In 1995, five years after retiring from softball, he was inducted into the Ohio ASA Hall of Fame alongside his Dad Rip Riley.
Dick has three children, Jenny, Liz, and Richie, and has been married to his beautiful wife for thirty-four years. He has four grandchildren, Dawson, Desmon, Kyle, and Kaden.
Dick states besides all his great softball accomplishments that the greatest even in his life was when he entered into a relationship with his Heavenly Father when at the age of 23 he believed and trusted in Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, and has enjoyed committing his life in service and obedience to Him because of God’s great grace and mercy in his life.
Now a days Dick is very involved in his church where he serves as an usher and teaches an Adult Sunday School Class of 40 people. Dick also volunteers at the Ashland Christian Health Center and teaches a Bible Study at work. He enjoys camping and spending time with his wife, kids, and grandkids.

Dick is presently an employee of Samaritan Professional Corporation and works as a Registrar at Ashland Family Practice.

Nominator: Rip Riley

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