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Mr and Mrs. Bill Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mills
The Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship 

The Board of Trustees on August 24, 1994, approved the establishment of the Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship. The Scholarship was appropriately renamed the Bill Mills Scholarship. The Trustees wanted to honor Bill Mills since he was the “Founder of the Hall of Fame,” in 1982, with the first induction in 1984.

The scholarship is awarded each year to a qualified student/athletes in Ashland County. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist in deserving high school graduates to further their education. All resident Ashland County senior high school student/athletes are eligible to apply for the scholarship. A scholarship application form has been established by the scholarship committee, which evaluates all candidates and selects the award winners each spring.

Bill Mills and the Hall of Fame organization want to thank all of the past inductees, families of deceased inductees, and other supporters who have donated over $35,000 to the scholarship fund.

If you wish to contribute to the Bill Mills Scholarship, please contact: Tom Herron, Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 731, Ashland, OH 44805.

If you would like a Scholarship Application, contact your High School Guidance Counselor or Click on this link to download the 4-page pdf application.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat )

Student/Athletes Awarded the Bill Mills Scholarship Fund
  1996 – Karen Neighbarger, Loudonville High School
  1997 – Tom Crone, Ashland High School
  1998 – Lisa Smith, Hillsdale High School
  1999 - Jena Whitcomb, Loudonville High School
  2000 – Andrea Bardy, Ashland High School
  2001 – Tiffany Myers, Mapleton High School
  2002 – Amber Leasure, Black River High School
  2003 – Nathan Atterholt, Hillsdale; Meredith Sorenson, Ashland
  2004 – Tara Byers, Loudonville; Rodney Gallaway, Loudonville
Joseph Reep, Ashland; Nicole Spreng, Hillsdale, Kelly Mowry, Hillsdale.
  2005 – Joe Deppen, Ashland; Christen Graham, Ashland; Tara Ickes, Ashland; Ashley Hawley, Black River; Megan Snyder,
  2006 – Nicholas Atterholt, Hillsdale; Kalie Hauenstein, Ashland
Katie Matteson, Ashland; Heather Randles,
Loudonville, Nathan Remington, Ashland.
  2007 – Lee Brucato, Ashland, Andrew Meehan, Ashland, Miranda Braun, Mapleton, Justin Taylor, Mapleton, Courtney Staman,
  2008 - Randi Neubeck, Ashland; Katie Stimpert, Crestview;
Sheena Burwell, Loudonville; Erik Culross, Mapleton.
Megan Gallaway, Ashland; Megan Gisclon, Ashland; Cally McGee, Ashland; Ryan Smeltzer, Ashland; and Mike Tyson, Hillsdale. 
  2010 Anthony Deppen, Ashland; Shelby Rohr, Mapleton; Jared Wynn, Mapleton; Ian Simmons, Loudonville; and Jace Wolford, Loudonville.
  2011 Marcus Fuller, Ashland; Logan Lucas, Ashland; Michael Rueger, Ashland; Zach Fulk, Hillsdale; Katherine Bokenkamp, Loudonville


  2012 Anthony Williams and Erica Clayton Ashland; Jenn Moore, Hillsdale; Lynn Hulver and Andy Van Sickle, Loudonville.
  2013 Ashley Dickinson, Ashland; Brooke Switzer, Hillsdale; Shelby Snyder, Loudonville; Paige Reisinger and Allison Frymier, Mapleton
  2014 Emily Stump and Ashley Ferguson, Ashland, Laura Yeater, Hillsdale,
Ty Young and Morgan Scarbery, Loudonville
  2015  Katherine Fosssaceca, Ashland; Brock Hays, Hillsdale; Kolton Edmondson, Loudonville; Leslie Rogers, Mapleton.

  2016 Olivia Groves, Ashland; Shelby Long, Hillsdale
  2017 Gage Barone, Mapleton; Cole Kirkbride, Loudonville
Lauren Beattie, Mapleton; Joshua Mendanhall Ashland;
and Trey Williams Hillsdale.
Megan Beebe, Mapleton; Adam Schadd, Mapleton;
Emma Hinkle, Loudonville
  2020 Karen Mendenhall, Ashland & Katia Ringler, Mapleton
  2022 Jacob Stump Ashland, Elizabeth Norris Hillsdale,
    Alison Barr, Loudonville, Cameron Sloter Mapleton 
    HOF has awarded $47,500 to 83 students since 1996
Scholarship Committee:
    Tom Herron, Chairman, Donna Williams, Bob Valentine,
Duane Yoder.

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