Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame
Ashland County Sports
Hall of Fame

How Candidates are Selected for the Hall of Fame

Anyone may nominate an individual for consideration by turning in an official application form available from the Hall of Fame organization, listing the accomplishments of the nominee. There should be supportive evidence in the form of newspaper clippings or copies, scrapbooks (limit two), pictures, awards, honors, etc.

The nomination committee, of seven or more members, shall give consideration to nominees (living or deceased) who have resided in Ashland County for not less than four years and who have distinguished themselves within any organized official sports program at any accredited high school, college, university, or in any other area of amateur or professional athletics. If, however, nominees have not resided in Ashland City or County, the nominees must otherwise have distinguished themselves within any organized, official four-year sports program in Ashland County high school, accredited college, university, or in any other Ashland County area amateur or professional athletic program. Nominee consideration may also include promotion, sponsorship and officiating performed within the context of the guidelines as beforehand stated. All nominees must have attained the age of twenty-five years.

Each member of the nomination selection committee individually evaluates the material turned in for each nominee and rates it on a scale of 5 to a maximum of 20 points. The committee then meets as a group to discuss, evaluate, and tally the points given each nominee. A maximum limit of ten inductees will be selected. In the case of ties in points for the tenth position, the candidates will be discussed by the committee, then voted on secretly to break the tie. Age, moral character, years in activity, honors, and community service – all have influence in voting.

It is endeavored to secure committee members from the county, city, business, education, or industry to serve.

The Hall of Fame organization welcomes all to attend its meetings, give input to, or become involved in the process of those individuals eligible for nomination and ultimate inductee selection.

Trustee Achievement Award

This award was first presented in 1998 to honor an outstanding Ashland County Resident who has fulfilled all the qualifications of Hall of Fame prospective nominee. The person must have significantly contributed to Ashland County Sports, school, teams, sponsorship, promotion or general welfare of sports in Ashland County. All nominees must have obtained an age of 50 years.

Great Teams of the Past

The Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame decided in 1998 to honor not only individuals, but also outstanding teams of the past in Ashland County. This could be any sport, male or female, high school, college, amateur, semi-pro, professional, etc. Our nominating committee votes on the outstanding team to be honored at each induction. We have a nomination form that must be completed and evaluated by our nomination committee. We have forms available at each table on the night of the HOF Banquet, or by writing the Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame; P.O. Box 731, Ashland, OH 44805 or on this website at the upper right side of the menu bar. 

Next class (2016) Applications Due September 30, 2015

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