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1951 Loudonville Undefeated Football Team

1951 Loudonville Undefeated Football Team

1951 Loudonville Undefeated Football Team
Team Members (top left photo):
Front Row: Bob Cowan, Ed Haudenschild, Charles Spreng, Jim Gorrell, Ken Etzwiler, Roger Roach, Jim Richardson, Don Sidle
Second Row: Lee Bernhard, Larry Rush, Dick
Porter, Jim Currans, Duane Yoder, Jack Porter,
Jack Augenstein, Floyd Wolfe
Third Row: Don Ferguson, Alvin Fliger, Bob Ellis, Charles Zody, Clinton Rooks, Sam Sellers, Bill Lindner, Pat McFarland
Fourth Row: Eugene Lifer, John Messner, Gail
Porter, Ralph Paisley, Ronnie McCabe, Tom
Burnette, Fred Sellers, Ed Wolfe
Fifth Row: Richard Obrecht, Manager, Max Pringle, Phillip Piper, Joe Cline, Charles Rhea, Danny Foster, Dave Roub, Ed McDaniel, Manager
Loudonville 26
Loudonville 32
Loudonville 19
Loudonville 46
Loudonville 13
Loudonville 41
Loudonville 40
Loudonville 21
Loudonville 39
Frederickstown 0
Newcomerstown 6
Carey 6
Danville 8
Mans. Madison 0
Rittman 7
Orrville 20
Millersburg 0
Bellville 0

1951 Football Team Coaches

Record: 9-0
Head Coach: Wilbur D. “Bo” Trimmer
Assistant Coaches: John Ridley, James Oberlander, George Summerville
Captains: Jack Augenstein, Jack Porter
Rated Fourth in Ohio Class B
Total Points Scored 277
Total Points Allowed 48
Mohican All-Leaders Players
Jack Augenstein, Jack Porter, Duane Yoder, Larry Rush, Charles Spreng, Don Sidle,
Ed Haudenschild, Bob Cowan

Nominator: Roger Roach

1951 Loudonville Football Great Team 1951 Loudonville Football Team (photo by Maurer Photography)

Back row: Left-right: Chuck Zody, Roger Roach, Ed Wolf, John Messner, Duane Yoder.
Middle row: Don Sidle, Ed Haudenschild, Ken Etzwiler, Yvonne Porter (wife of the late Jack Porter), Richard Porter, James Oberlander, Lee Bernhard.
Front row: Bob Cowen, Gail Porter, Jim Richardson, Charles Spreng, and Jim Currans.

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