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1954 & 1955 Jeromesville High School Undefeated
Six Man Football Teams

Nominators Russ Cutlip and Jack Messner

1954 Record 8-0
1955 Record 8-0
State Six Man Football Champions
Head Coach: Wesley Boals
Assistant Coach: Frank Baczuk

A school sports winning tradition was born with Jeromesville High School later to become Hillsdale with the six man football teams undefeated seasons of 1954 & 1955.

The entire team was coached and taught by Coach Wesley Boals, to be student athletes, honor each other with respect, believe in and establish a winning mindset through teamwork and as with most farm boys – work your butt off without complaining! Two undefeated season were the result of his instilled confidence and determination.

In 1964, the Jeromesville Blue Jays became the Hillsdale Falcons. To this day the
school winning tradition continues in the Jeromesville/Hillsdale School community.

1954 Jeromesville Football Team

Row One: (L to R) Coach Wes Boals, Larry Paulin, Malcom Lewis, Jack Messner, Jim McKinley, George Kissel, Dave Straits, Norman Briggs, Jack Tallmadge.
Row Two (L to R) Manager Eddie McCauley, Jerry Garman, Robert Lewis, Deane Harper, Tom Stull, Ted Holderbaum, Bill Hopkins, Kenny Kerr, Ray Hall, Bill Kyler, Jim Slater, Larry Landman, Russ Cutlip, Gene Austin, Robert Gray, Jim Cutlip, Bill Cook, Ronnie Eagle, Manager Ray Lint

1955 Jeromesville Football Team

Row One: (L to R) Jerry Garman, Bill Kyler, Gene Austin, Russell Cutlip, Norman Briggs, Jack Messner, Jack Tallmadge, Bill Hopkins, Jim McKinley, Robert Lewis, George
Row Two: Frank Baczuk, Jim Schweyer, Dean Smith, Phil Fickes, Rex Smith, Bill Cook, Ray Hall, Leo Whitworth, Jim Urban, Jim Cutlip, Manager Jim McKinley.
Row Three: Coach Wes Boals, Wendell Weikel, Phil Smith, Keith Hoverstock, Robert Flickinger, Jim Kistler, Clayton Krichbaum, Kenny Kerr, Larry Hartsel, Manager Stanley Newmeyer.

Jeromesville Team

Jeromesville six-man football teams 1954-55
(photo by John Maurer Photography, 34 East 2nd St. Ashland, Ohio)
Front row, left to right: Lorene (Smith) Donelson, Mary Ann (Glasgo) Lewis, Diane (Straits) Messner,
Coach Wes Boals, Wilma (Smith) McKinley, Ilene (Stull) Cutlip, Joan (Badertscher) Brinkerhoff.
Middle row: Gene Austin, Jim McKinley, Jack Messner, Russ Cutlip, Bill Hopkins, Jerry Garman, and Ron Eagle.
Back row: Dave Straits, Norman Briggs, and Ray Hall.

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