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Paul "Bud" JonesPaul “Bud” Jones
Nominated by Susan Fike Jones*

Paul "Bud" Jones was born in Springfield, Ohio 1932. His early life and schooling was in and around Springfield. In 1944, his family moved to Ashland which was and has been his home town ever since.

Golf and church league basketball were his early sport endeavors in Ashland, In 1944, his freshman year JV basketball and baseball became his sport interests while golf occupied his spare time and summers. In 1947-48 the dormant high school golf program was re-activated so he switched to golf and basketball.

In the fall of 2006, the 1949-50 Ashland High School basketball team was inducted into the Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame. Along with Ray Bates, a previous HOF inductee, he served as Co-captain of that team. He was the leading scorer, earned the Most Valuable Player Award and was selected to All-Ohio honors on all of the polls. That spring he was selected to play on the All-Ohio All-Star team. The Ohio team played the Kentucky high school All-Star team at a home game that summer.

Following high school graduation Paul entered the University of Michigan where during his freshman and sophomore years he continued playing on both the golf and basketball teams. During the summer of 1953 Paul entered the U.S. Army for a two-year tour of duty, returning to Ashland in the summer of 1955. During that summer, he married Sue Fikee, a 1953 graduate of Ashland High School. From that marriage came four children, nine grand children, and two great grand children. His family is scattered around the world to this day.

Sue Jones passed away in September 2006, 10 days before their 51st wedding anniversary. In July 2008 Paul married his new bride Susan. They moved to Fairfield Glade, Tennessee where they now enjoy retirement in a piece of God's paradise.

Of Paul's years of employment, thirty in total, 1957 to 1987, 28 were spent with the Shell Oil Company. He had many varied and enjoyable assignments. Following retirement, 23 years ago, he has undertaken projects to keep busy, and to give back to the community. One of the most pleasing was to serve as a docent at Lander University in Greenwood, SC. One of his duties was as a football coach for a school which did not have a football team. But that is another story. However being a part of the athletic department kept him close to competitive sports first hand, which as you can appreciate, was his long time love.

Looking back at his life, the years spent in Ashland were both happy and fulfilling. Ashland is a great community, a place, Paul still calls his home town. Paul has moved 20 times, since college and he can not recall any place where he has lived that honored former athletes such as the Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame. It is great to be remembered after all of these years. He congratulates you and thanks you for all of the time and effort spent for and on behalf of such a wonderful and on going program.

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