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1957-1960 Jeromesville High School
Six & Eight Man Football Teams

Nominators are Gerald Spring, Rob Rowland, and Ted Paullin

1957 Record 5-1
1958 Record 7-0
1959 Record 7-0
1960 Record 6-1
Head Coach: Bob Valentine Sr.
Assistant Coach: Tom LaFrance

The Jeromesville High School football teams of 1957-1960 continued the tradition of excellence and dominance of Ashland County League Football established by the undefeated teams of 1954 & 1955. Their accomplishment of a 25 game winning streak is unmatched in football at any level in the county. An indication of the diversity of talent is that 51 players from seven classes participated in the streak, with only one individual playing on all four teams. This honor reflects the talent, skill, and dedication of the players and is a testament to the knowledge and dedication of the coaches. During the four year span 23 players were named to the All-County squad. Excelling as the Blue Jays did season after season was truly phenomenal.

Six-man football was played on a field that was 80 yards long and 40 yards wide. The quarterback was required to pitch the ball to the carrier. He could carry the ball only if such a toss had been made previously. Every player was eligible to receive a forward pass. The game was primarily a running game.

Every play in the playbook was designed to score a touchdown. Fifteen yards were required for a first down. Six points were awarded for a touchdown. Four points were awarded for a field goal, which was by drop kick. Points after touchdown were by drop kick for two points or run or pass for one point.
1957 Jeromesville Football Team

Seated: Managers James Hollingsworth, Gerald Kauffman.
Row One: (L to R): Assistant Coach Tom LaFrance, Larry Young, Clayton Krichbaum, Thomas Urban, Roger Hawks, James Urban, Ray Hall, Coach Robert Valentine.
Row Two: (L to R): Paul Ewing, James Cutlip, John McKinley, Kenneth Rowland, John Hopkins, Keith Hoverstock.
Row Three: (L to R): Ted Paullin, Larry Cutlip, James Schweyer, Jerry Whitworth, Wendell Weikel, Dean Smith.
Row Four: (L to R): Phillip Smith, William Jolliff, Eugene Woodward, Robert Smalley, David Heffelfinger

1958 Jeromesville Football Team

Row One: (L to R): Robert Rowland, Gerald Spring, Jack Butler, William Maxwell, William Jolliff.
Row Two: (L to R): Coach Robert Valentine, Manager Larry Garn, Larry Cutlip, Larry
Miller, James Morgan, David Heffelfinger, Wendell Weikel, Assistant Coach Tom LaFrance.
Row Three: (L to R): James Bee, John McKinley, Robert Flickinger, Steve Chamberlian,
Phillip Smith, Richard Stull. Row Four: (L to R): Kenneth Rowland, Darrell Gilbert, James Schweyer, Stephan Hines, James Hollingsworth, James Sheaffer, Clayton Krichbaum.
Row Five: (L to R): Keith Hoverstock, John Hopkins, William Garn, Thomas
Urban, Roger Hawks, James Urban

1959 Jeromesville Football Team

Row One: (L to R): Phillip Dague, Gerald Spring, Larry Miller, Ted Kerr, Rob Rowland,
William Maxwell, Jack Butler, Donald Kerr.
Row Two: (L to R): Larry Garn, James Hollingsworth, David Heffelfinger, Ted Paullin,
Stephen Hines, James Sheaffer, James Morgan, Gary Knecht.
Row Three: (L to R) Coach Tom LaFrance, John McKinley, Paul Atterholt, William Garn, Roger Hawks, Thomas Urban, John Hopkins, Kenneth Rowland, Michael Obrecht, Coach Robert Valentine
1960 Jeromesville Football Team

Row One: (L to R): Jack Butler, Don Kerr, Gerald Spring, David Loos, Duane Bodager, Don Eagle, David Miller.
Row Two: (L to R): Manager Bill Raudebaugh, Ted Paullin, Bill Maxwell, Gary Knecht, Bob Rowland, Eugene Metcalf, George Zeigler, Manager Duane Garn, Paul Atterholt. Row Three: (L to R): Assistant Coach Tom LaFrance, Ted Kerr, Jim Morgan, Bill
Betson, Will Garn, Stephen Hines, Kerry Galliher, Mike Obrecht, Jim Hollingsworth, Coach Robert Valentine

1957-1960 Jeromesville Football Team

Members of the 1957-60 Jeromesville six-man football teams:
(photo by John Maurer Photography, 34 East 2nd St. Ashland, Ohio)
Front row – left to right: Robert Flickinger, Larry Cutlip, William Jolliff, Phillip Smith,
Gerald Spring, Clayton Krichbaum, Ted Paullin.
Middle row: Coach Robert Valentine, Kenneth Rowland, Richard Stull, Robert Rowland,
Ted Kerr, William Maxwell, Michael Obrecht, Assistant Coach Tom LaFrance.
Back row: Roger Hawks, John Hopkins, William Garn, Larry Garn, Don Kerr,
Stephen Hines.

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