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Bill Springer

Bill (Wilbur, Jr.) Springer

Bill (Wilbur, Jr.) Springer was born in Salem, Ohio, son of Nellie and Wilbur Springer, Sr. Moving from Bay Village, Ohio, he entered Ashland High School during his sophomore year when his father became Superintendent of Ashland City Schools.

He earned letters in track and football, and was privileged to play on Ashland High School’s 1951 and 1952 undefeated football teams. In his senior year he won the Ohio State Championship in the pole vault. His
classmate, great friend and helpful coach, Gary Griner, tied for second place in that same event. Bill was also clever enough to set the school record in the 100 yard dash shortly before the event was changed to the 100 meter event everywhere; making it unlikely this record will now be broken.

After graduating from Dartmouth College where he continued competing in track, Bill received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1961. He interrupted his residency training in Internal Medicine to volunteer for the Navy where he served for two years as a physician at Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. It was in nearby Seattle that he met his wife, Joan, whom he married in 1965. After completing his residency in Hanover, H.H. they returned to the Seattle area where Bill greatly enjoyed a primary care practice of Internal Medicine until retiring in 2000. These years were filled with the joy of raising their children in the beauty of the northwest with its opportunities for hiking, camping, sailing, cycling and days spent at their beach place on Hood Canal.

In recent years, Bill served as the Medical Director of the Kenney Retirement Community, and as a volunteer in the medical missions on the Disaster Response Team of Northwest Medical Teams International. Those disasters have led him to Turkey, Afghanistan, Liberia and Sri Lanka, each providing remarkable experiences among resilient people and a renewed appreciation for this great country.

Bill and Joan have three delightful sons and daughters-in-law: John, a physical therapist in Wenatchee, Washington; Dan, a deputy sheriff in Bozeman, Montana; and Joe, who is in the ministry in Tacoma Washington and just completed his Masters of Divinity degree. The recent retirement of Bill and Joan has afforded more time for sharing in the lives of
their children and five grandchildren.

Bill would like to express his thanks to his classmates and the many friends who so welcomed him to Ashland, and who made his high school experience so rich.

Bill also feels a profound gratitude for the life and influence of Coach George Valentine, whom, other than his parents, he considers the most influential and inspirational adult in his early life. It was Georges’ encouragement during those high school years that helped Bill to later summon enough courage to attempt the marvelous challenge of medicine as
a career. For this, Bill is forever grateful, as it has led to a very gratifying and fulfilling life’s work.

Nominator:George Valentine

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