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Jack C. PorterJack C. Porter

Jack Porter was born in Marion, Ohio, on January 13, 1934, the middle son of Helen and Marvin Porter. He lived in Marion until the middle of the eighth grade. In 1948 his parents moved to Loudonville, Ohio, where they owned and operated a bakery.

Jack and his friends enjoyed a typical childhood and were always outside playing ball. His mother often shared that their lawn was well
worn, compared to their neighbors, because that’s where many games were played. Jack knew and understood the value of hard work. The YMCA in Marion was also an important part of Jack’s early years. It was where he learned to swim and also learned the fundamentals of basketball and baseball. Jack also was a participant in the YMCA’s Golden Gloves Boxing Program. Their motto: Care, Responsibility, Honesty, and
Respect is as significant today as when it was authored.

In 1948, the difficult transition of changing schools and leaving friends was accomplished successfully due in part to Jack’s smile, quiet mannerisms, and sports abilities. Once his job of delivering milk for Page Dairy and his responsibilities at the bakery were completed, you would find Jack at Riverside Park in Loudonville, involved with whatever sport was in season. Jack and his parents also valued academics. All athletes understand that to play sports you must maintain respectable grades, and Jack, was a disciplined student.

To his credit, Jack was fortunate to play on two undefeated football teams at Loudonville High School. The 1949 team was inducted into the Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame in 2000. Jack and Jack Augenstein co-captained the 1951 undefeated football team under head coach Dean Trimmer. Their stats held many records for years. Jack scored four touchdowns and two extra points for a total of 26 points in one game, a record which held until broken by Tim Cowen in 1975. The 1951 varsity squad outscored their opponents 277 to 13 for the entire season.

Jack embodied all the positive character-building qualities derived from participating in sports: discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication. Although Jack was an excellent athlete, the success of the team was always foremost in his mind.

Jack’s father played semi-pro baseball. His eldest brother Bill Porter played all three sports and excelled in basketball and baseball. He was signed to the Philadelphia Athletics farm team in Florida. Younger brother, Dick Porter, likewise played all three sports and was a basketball standout. Jack earned nine varsity letters in three different sports during
his high school career and was All-Ohio Honorable Mention for football in 1951.

College was not in Jack’s future, so he embarked into the carpentry trade after high school graduation in 1952 and retired from this profession in 1995. He performed his two-year military obligation in Korea, where he earned the AFFE Boxing Championship Title for the 32nd Infantry, “G” Company.

Jack married his high school sweetheart Yvonne Beck Porter after high school graduation. After returning from Korea, they built their home in southern Ashland County and began their family of three children:
Denise Traphagen is Coordinator of Special Education for Berea Schools, and lives in Aurora, Ohio; Michele Williams is a pharmacist and lives in Boliver, Ohio; and John Porter is an electrical engineer for Holmes Wayne Electric Cooperative and lives in rural Holmes County, Ohio. Jack knew and loved two grandsons: Cody Close and Logan Traphagen.
Jack lost his life to cancer on August 25, 2006. The only granddaughter, Hanna Porter, was born on May 18, 2007. Jack was a devoted member of Trinity Community Church in Loudonville, Ohio, for 53 years and served in numerous capacities.

Thanks to all who supported Jack for this award.

Nominator:Duane Yoder

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